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Sleep Without Pillows? Here are the Benefits and Risks!

Gengs, are you used to sleeping without using pillows? Research reveals that sleeping without a pillow has many health benefits! Sure, there are advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with pillows. Curious? Read this article until it’s over!
Benefits of Sleep Without Pillows

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping without pillows

Reduces allergies. Pillows, especially those rarely replaced are nests of dust and dirt. Pillows are also home to dust mites, which quickly accumulate and can cause allergies.

Prevent back pain. Not a few pillows that precisely cause an unnatural sleeping position. Although the pillow won’t make your back hurt, it can exacerbate the symptoms that back pain you already have.

Just because your pillow is comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s the best option for neck and spine alignment. Sleeping without a pillow can relax your spine and put your body in its original position, Gengs! Adjusting to sleep without a pillow can help you maintain the body’s natural curvature. So, say goodbye to back pain!

Skin is cleaner. Pillows are nests for dead skin, sweat, saliva, oil and dirt. It’s hard to clean a pillow even if you’ve washed the pillowcase.

Prevent the onset of acne. Who would have thought that acne could be caused by pillows or pillowcases? When sleeping sideways or perched, we press the face on the pillow and drag it when changing the sleeping position.

Sleeping like that can result in the skin not being able to breathe or hydrate. As a result, the face will feel sweatier and oilier because the pores are clogged with dust or dirt attached to the pillow. Sleeping without a pillow can help get rid of some of the pimples on your face, Gengs!

Improve sleep quality. When sleeping without a pillow, you will find an optimal position at night. While it’s possible, you’ll need a few weeks to adjust, but you’ll finally be able to sleep well. That way, your sleep quality increases.

Reduces headaches. If you wake up with a headache or dizziness, it’s most likely caused by the pillow you’re wearing. Pillows that are too high can cause your neck head to round forward, adding tension to the neck muscles. This is what might make you dizzy in the morning after getting out of bed.

Reduce stress. Difficulty sleeping at night will make you flip your body to find a comfortable position so that the eyes can be closed. The more sleep disorders you experience, the less time the body has to improve important functions. Persistent lack of sleep can affect your mood and thinking. As a result, the body will release more stress hormones during the day.

Good for hair. If you wake up in the morning with dry, crumpled hair, consider sleeping without a pillow. When the body goes back and forth at night, your hair will rub against the pillowcase causing the hair to break. In addition, pillowcases can also absorb oil from the hair. As a result, your hair will be dry and brittle.

Disadvantages of Sleep Without Pillows

  • Worsens certain health conditions. If you have a certain health condition, your doctor may advise you to sleep in an inclined position, where the head is higher than the body. Of course, this position can’t be done if you sleep without a pillow. In addition, if you have certain cardiovascular conditions, sleeping without a pillow can worsen your health condition and potentially lead to stroke, heart failure, or blockage of the lungs.
  • Causes snoring and sleep apnea. Sleeping on your back or sideways without a pillow can cause the tongue to be attracted, which easily makes you snore. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, sleeping without a pillow can worsen the condition.

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