Before the Holidays, First Know How to Apply for Travel Insurance

How the hell how to apply for travel insurance? Travel insurance is very necessary if you want a comfortable and safe journey.

Let’s see how to apply for travel insurance before holiday 2019:

The importance of travel insurance

Vacationing or travelling is aimed at relieving fatigue due to daily routine. Given the purpose is to refreshing, you certainly want a safe and comfortable journey.

To avoid unwanted things while traveling, you can purchase travel insurance that suits your needs.

Travel insurance is a short-term insurance that is only valid during travel period or usually protects travel risks with a period of several days or up to six months.

During the trip, anytime and anywhere around the world, there must be unexpected possibilities of things happening. As for some things you can overcome with the travel insurance is as follows:

#1 Flight delays

Travel insurance usually compensate if there is a flight delay.

Flight delays are particularly detrimental for passengers considering schedules that have been arranged in such a way become messy and your time will be wasted at the airport.

Travel insurance will provide adequate compensation to reimburse your losses due to flight delays.

#2 Sick on the Go

Pain is an unpredictable occurrence and no matter how many vitamins you have consumed before travel, there is a chance you ache on your journey.

Travel insurance will cover your treatment needs, unless your trip is aimed at medication or if you are travelling contrary to your health advice.

This is what causes the cost of travel insurance for elderly passengers more expensive, because insurance companies assume that their risk of making claims is higher than the younger passengers of their age.

#3 damage or loss of baggage

The risk of missing items on board is sometimes inevitable. The good news, if you have a guarantee of travel at least you will receive compensation if you encounter such an event.

That’s one of the benefits of having travel insurance abroad. Although annoyed by the goods damaged or lost, you can be calm afterwards because it can get compensation.

#4 Accidents

Accidents on the go also become one of the risks that can come at any time. Indeed nobody wants something bad to happen during the trip.

However, at least we need to take anticipation to overcome all risks, namely by having travel insurance.

Accident protection during the trip usually includes the following:

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses,
  • Defects, paralyzed,
  • Death.

However, again there are also accidents that can not be borne, such as accidents caused by the influence of drugs or the consequences of alcohol influence and accidental accidents.

#5 Lost Travel Documents

The risk of loss of travel documents may occur, but it is quite common. Whether it’s a passport, airline ticket, or something.

Well, if you already have travel insurance, this risk can be borne. You will get a guarantee of fees for issuing passports and replacement aircraft tickets.

However, not all of the reasons for this loss are acceptable. The reasons to be accepted are lost due to theft, robbery, or natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, etc.

#6 lost property during left traveling

When traveling, we must leave the house empty.

If something happens to be lost due to theft or damage to property in the home due to fire, it certainly is out of our control.

If this is the case, the losses due to the incident will be borne also by some travel insurance as long as the home owner is traveling.

#7 Unsatisfactory Travel

When you travel or vacation, it’s recommended that you pay for travel insurance at least the most standard insurance.

Because there are some insurance that is willing to refund your money in full if your trip is not satisfactory in both products and services.

But not all travel insurance offers such features, so you should check back the scope of claims that will be received and processed by your travel insurance provider.

Afraid of expensive? Quiet, travel insurance premium is not expensive.

Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI), Julian Noor said, the premiums issued for travel insurance tend to be small compared to the total cost of travel. To KompasTravel, Julian says:

“For those traveling, it’s an official only a fraction of a cent. Not up to one percent of their travel expenses. “

Well, if you also want to have a quiet holiday, let’s ask the insurance on the way. How do I submit it? Universay has summarized the following:

How to apply for travel insurance

In submitting travel insurance, you generally have to go through the following stages:

#1 Choosing an insurance type

There are several types of travel insurance that you can actually choose. In general, travel insurance is divided into 2 namely:

  • Single Journeys
    Insurance for single travel will provide protection as long as the policyholder performs a one-time trip. This type is suitable for those who just want a vacation or a business trip at a time.
  • Annual Travel
    As for the type of annual travel is an insurance that is valid within a period of one year. This type is suitable for those who have planned to travel several times for a year ahead.

In terms of the provider, you can generally choose between buying travel insurance from a travel agent or online.

Travel insurance from the travel agent is usually chosen when you are on vacation by purchasing a package from the travel agent, where you can buy travel insurance directly from the travel agent so that it is easy and practical.

The disadvantage is the cost offered by the travel agent is usually expensive. Then how is the solution?

With growing information technology, you can now find a more affordable alternative. For example, purchase travel insurance through an insurance agent or online easily.

Although you will spend more power to find your own travel insurance package, but usually the cost will be cheaper than buying from a travel agent.

#2 set up conditions for submission

Each insurance company must have different policies and filing requirements. Before deciding to propose, it is a good idea to prepare your submission carefully in advance.

Although the requirements of each insurance company are different, there are generally several mandatory conditions that must be submitted when buying travel insurance. The following general terms are as follows:

  • The policyholders at least have entered the age of at least 17 years and maximum 80 years.
  • Has a valid ID card and passport.
  • Have a family card. If the participant claims more than one person.
  • Fill in the form provided by the insurance provider in accordance with the actual conditions.

#3 Applying for insurance

The next step is to apply for insurance according to the insurance company you have chosen:

  • If you choose to purchase via travel agent, please contact the relevant travel agent and provide all the terms and conditions requested. The travel agent will then help you to manage your submission until the travel insurance payment.
  • If you choose to buy via insurance company, then you need to come to the insurance office to register for travel insurance. The insurance company will then guide you to fill out all the required documents. You will then be asked to pay the insurance premium there.
  • If you choose to buy via online, you do not have to come to the insurance office just to register for travel insurance. Some companies such as ACA, AIG, AXA and ACE serve travel insurance registration via online. You can simply go to the travel insurance site, fill in your personal data, destination country and travel time. You can choose what kind of insurance to be taken. You can use credit card for payment of insurance premiums.

#4 Insurance Claim (if necessary)

Travel insurance is certainly beneficial for those of you who experience discomfort or accident on the go.

For those of you who experience it, you can make a claim for 3 x 24 hours after the event occurs. Do not forget to include proof of claim that includes some of the following points:

  • Fill in the documents provided when you want an insurance claim that includes: chronological events according to the policy holder, the authorization letter from the policyholder to the designated person, a copy of the valid ID card, the form or the claim printing From the insurer as well as a copy of the insurance policyholder itself.
  • The additional documents are also required when the foreign travel insurance claim is: The original receipt derived from the deposit paid by the policyholder, the original airfare, the certificate provided by the airline Flight.
  • If you wish to apply for overseas travel insurance, when experiencing loss of valuables and baggage, the documents you must prepare include: A police certificate, as well as a certificate provided by the airline Flight.
  • If you wish to make a claim due to an accident that makes the policyholder passed away or a permanent disability, the documents you must prepare include: a certificate issued by the airline, a certificate that is Issued by hospitals, as well as letters of birth certificate or death certificates.

Safe and comfortable getaway thanks to travel insurance

Whether it’s how many trips have left bad memories due to lost items, ill travel, or even flight delays.

Travel insurance will be useful in times like this. Maybe travel insurance is often unrewarding, but at the worst of times, you’ll feel grateful to have purchased travel insurance.

Do you have questions about how to apply for travel insurance? Leave your comments below.

If you have any questions, please ask your questions in the field below. Our financial planners are ready to help you, thank you.

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