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How to Make Chicken Broth for MPASI

Elika’s been having a hard time eating for almost two weeks. Want to eat rice, use nothing else, macaroni, or eat biscuits. If given side dishes, such as salmon or vegetables, he would not want to. Well, I’m not going to do that. It’s sad to have cooked tired, not eaten. Not to mention thinking about Elika’s foods, must be malnourished, here.

Finally, yesterday I made chicken broth again. Usually I make broth mixed with vegetables (carrots, chickpeas, and others). Later, just take the water. However, I have not stocked vegetables in recent days for fear of not being eaten.

I only make using ceker and chicken bones, then cooked together using a slow cooker, added shallots and garlic, bay leaves, lemongrass, and orange leaves. In fact, usually never use this-that, most just onions and garlic only. But it happens to fit again in the refrigerator because it makes chicken ungkep, so all of you just put it in let it smell).

Chicken broth is not only delicious for your child, but also loaded with health benefits. Chicken broth is quite light in the stomach, so it can help digestion while increasing immunity. If given when the child has fever, runny nose, and cough, it will accelerate recovery.

Chicken broth also produces more collagen, which is good for your little one’s skin, hair and nails. And, this one food also becomes a good home remedy to restore the respiratory postfection body. In fact, chicken broth contains magnesium, which can prevent your child from anxiety, stress, and sleep disturbances!

How to make chicken stock for MPASI

  • Wash the ceker and chicken bones.
  • Wash the vegetables thoroughly if you want to use too. Otherwise, it’s okay.
  • Geprek shallots and garlic, cut the leeks, then clean the bay leaves, lemongrass, and orange leaves.
  • Put all the ingredients in a slow cooker, add water to taste.
  • If you want to add salt so that there is a taste can be. Elika had been 1.5 years old, so I added sugar and salt to her cooking.
  • Close and wait until all night. Usually, I prepare this the night before going to bed so that the morning is ready.
  • If there is no slow cooker, Mums can also boil it using a regular saucepan. However, it must be seen frequently so that the water does not run out. Cooking with a regular saucepan also takes a long time until the broth is completely finished.

When you’re done, let stand until it cools a little, just strain the water, then put it in a broth storage container. If I do, I use baby cubes or MPASI containers according to the daily portion of food, then put it in the refrigerator down for the night, then tomorrow it is transferred to the freezer.

If you want to eat, then stay taken as needed. Sometimes I also use this broth to make hainam rice. So, cook the rice instead of using ordinary water, but using broth water. It’s so good. Fragrant and savory!

Well, the rest of the meats are stuck in the cloft and my bones are scraped and strained. I will keep these meats as a side dish to eat Elika today. Oh yes, it turns out that the broth smells really good like instant noodles chicken broth! I got hungry. Hehe.

Finally Elika eats rice, leftover chicken broth, broth with lahap and a lot. Not forgetting I add evoo and cheese. Yum! Good luck!

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