Review My Spy, Works by Peter Segal New Year 2020

Review My Spy, Works by Peter Segal New Year 2020
Review My Spy, Works by Peter Segal New Year 2020

Films about intelligence or spies are very much made. This genre is one of the most desirable genres. However, it is very rare if a genre that is usually filled with thrilling actions is mixed with comedy and family dramas, which is what is found in the film “Peter Segal”, titled My Spy.

Peter Segal himself was known by netizens as a man who was involved in making hilarious but message-filled films like Anger Management (2003), 5o First Dates (2004), Get Smart (2008), Second Act (2018)

The combination of genres is what makes this movie very worthy to be watched.
How not? The Film follows a CIA agent, named J. J Cena (played by Dave Bautista), who gets the task of lurking a villain’s family. The family consisted of a nurse mother, Kate Newton (played by Parisa Fitz-Henley) and her 9-year-old daughter, Sophie Newton (Chloe Coleman). The family recently moved to Chicago after the father’s death.

J. J who is considered failing to get information on the city blasting plans by a combined Russian and Middle Eastern terrorists, assigned his boss, David Kim (Ken Jeong) to lurk the family. J. J is not alone, she is accompanied by a CIA technical who is very praised for her, Bobby Ault (Kristen Schaal).

J. J, who was originally an army, had several shortcomings as spies who had to serve in the civil region, while Bobby had never served directly as a spy, because these things, the reconnaissance task became chaotic and not as planned. In fact, this task is not very difficult. They only need to get a clue whether the husband’s brother who is the fugitive CIA will meet the family.

On the other hand, Sophie who is a new student at her school feels lonely, has no friends, and experiences abuse; Having Kecurigaaan that his family was reconnaissance. The intelligent Sophie eventually became a student of J.J.

This unique story of Sophie and J. J’s friendship is the film’s appeal.
A lot of silly happenings will whisk the audience. Not only that, the audience was overwhelmed with the behaviour of Sophie who tried to have friends and happy her mother. As well as spy films, the film is also full of action and explosions.

From this film, it can be seen that the explosion of a la Mission Impossible is not as simple as when the explosion occurred, the main character goes back to the blast with an upright and angkuhnya. It takes more effort to make it, but Sophie’s biggest desire to be a spy is because of the explosion scene.

With the many action scenes and explosions, it is no wonder that many comments from viewers who have had the opportunity to watch this movie (media, Influencer), which states that the movie My Spy is more suited to be categorized as a “action” genre, rather than as a comedy genre. The humor contained in the film is also often found in action films. Moreover Dave Bautista performed a lot of heroics, which was balanced also with the energetic appearance of Chloe Coleman, making sure the film is suitable for fans of action films.

Review My Spy, Works by Peter Segal New Year 2020
Review My Spy, Works by Peter Segal New Year 2020

Some time ago has been submitted that STXfilm decided to withdraw My Spy from a theatrical delivery plan and chose to sell the film to Amazon Prime Video, so for those who want to watch Peter Segal’s work, can stream through Amazon Prime Video

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