Review The Platform Netflix, a Strange Plot Twist with Nasty and Vulgar Scenes

The Platform Poster
The Platform Poster

The Platform tells a strange feeding system in a vertical jail. This Film, written by David Desola and Pedro Rivero, tells of human greed and the social disparities that exist in prison. The Film is packed with nasty, dirty, and vulgar scenes.

Social disparities can happen anywhere. In jail filled by criminal people can also happen. As in The movie The Platform that March then joined Netflix. The Spanish film director directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia described a brutal experiment on a social condition in a vertical prison.

The thriller tells the feeding system in a vertical prison. It is said to be vertical because there are many floors, filling 2 prisoners per floor.

The food distribution system converts the nfires into starving animals. A pulpit filled with full meals will come from the top floor or the 08th floor and will stop at every floor. This is where I said the social gap, because the lower the floor, the food that comes even less. And the inhabitants character increasingly violent.

The story is packed with David Desola and Pedro Rivero. They are not interested in connecting the wheels of life spinning with human greed. In the film, The Lucky Prisoner is on the top floor with the Bodo of devouring the food and even to disauthorize it. Almost every day, those who are under eating used food are injected or even already mixed with urine from the upper occupants. Though they are aware the following month may be placed on the bottom floor.

The Trimagasi scene eats with leftover food in the pulpit
Messy food remnants on the pulpit

DeSola and Rivero focus on the vile and gross behaviour of man. Prisoners in custody could eat his own friend when on the 100 floor down, where the pulpit lived contained empty plates. Like the scene when Goreng – the main character in the film – was on the 202 floor, she was almost killed by her roommate, Trimagasi.

The sadistic scenes in the film were recorded so real and vulgar. I was very disturbed when I saw a prisoner from the 5th floor throwing dirt right in the face of the prisoner underneath. Or when Trimagasi defy fried meat to eat. Well that’s it, the prisoner here is accustomed to eating the flesh of human raw.

The scene before Goreng almost murdered Trimagasi

Goreng is a prisoner who voluntarily entered this hell jail for Diploma certification. The Goreng played by Ivan Massagué attempted to halt the system in this jail which he thought was wrong.

Urrutia does not tell the origin of the system was made and who the organizer and the mastermind behind this jail. The film has a twist plot so that each audience has its own perspective for the end of the film. The audience was also confused when a prison officer suddenly became an inmate and was only aware of the action of the inhumanity in the jail. Every scene that Urrutia made almost always gives a question mark into my brain. It is worth the film as the people’s Choice Award or most popular film at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

For those of you who are easily bored when watching movies, maybe The Platform is not an option because from the beginning to the end of the film, the story is only set in jail. You can not enjoy the silhouette of the sunset or the view of the skyscrapers in the film.

But it’s another case for you who lovers of plot plots twist and like to guess the storyline. Maybe this movie will be very challenging for you.

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