NASA is Paying More and More Attention to the Health of Astronauts

For the first time, members of the Science, Space and Technology Committee discussed the health of astronauts after leaving the service.

For now, NASA retired health astronauts do not offer insurance. However, Congress has allowed NASA to do this.

In addition, NASA will perform an MRI test for the astronauts. This test includes an eye examination and the potential for cancer. This is done to understand the side effects after a space flight with astronauts.

Monitoring the health of astronauts also offers NASA an opportunity to understand the implications of its return from space. Before you travel on Mars, a series of tests can be the key.

“We want to go to Mars right away, but we cannot sacrifice the lives of the astronauts. We acknowledge that there are actually many risks on the way to Mars,” said Congressman Ed Perlmutter, as reported by Verge, Thursday, June 16, 2016.

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