Rate the Ocean Below the Surface of Pluto

Is Pluto an ocean? This idea may seem unreasonable, but according to a recent study, the existence of the ocean on the dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system has been proven.

There are a number of natural satellites in our solar system that are now known oceans under its cold and frozen surface. And now the dwarf planet Pluto has apparently also a similar ocean. This was known on the basis of data obtained from the New Horizons spacecraft, which flew near Pluto in 2015.

How does a small dwarf, frozen and rocky planet, farther away from the orbit of Neptune, have an ocean?

Is A group of astronomers from the University of Hokkaido, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the University of Tokushima, the University of Osaka, the University of Kobe and the University of California, which published a recent study that states that The rise of the oceans under the surface of Pluto will probably exist.

Published in the journal Nature Geoscience on May 20, 2019, in this study, astronomers are performing a computer simulation showing that the gas layer hydrate, a solid based on crystals that looks physically like ice, becomes a Barrier between the sea and the ice crust on Pluto.

This layer of hydrogenated gas, which kept the ocean under Pluto’s surface, remains isolated, so it is still in liquid form, not liquid form. Without this insulating layer, Pluto’s water may have frozen millions or billions of years.

Many ice objects in the solar system have a global ocean beneath the surface. But in Pluto, his maritime existence is not global, but only in one place, known as Sputnik Planitia. A heart zone near Ecuador.

Oh, yes, the seas on Pluto are not like water on earth oceans, but it is probably composed of methane. The gas HYDRATing layer causes the methane to stay warm enough to remain liquid while the ice crust remains frozen on.

In Pluto, a layer of hydrogenated gas acts as a heat protector, preventing the sea from freezing completely under Pluto’s surface and keeping the Ice crust fresh and stationary (stable in place). Gas is probably the process that occurs in the heart of Pluto.

These new results show not only how the Pluto sea can still store liquids on the surface in billions of years, in conditions that seem unlikely, but also that there can be many objects. Similar in the universe.

This means that there are more objects with the oceans of the universe than previously thought, making the existence of the life of the earth a very reasonable thing.

Learn more about this research in the nature of geosciences.

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