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Signs of High Blood Pressure Can Be Felt on The Face!

Signs of high blood pressure often go undetected until it is too late. Without a blood pressure check with a tensimeter, it’s hard to know our blood pressure. However, the sign you have high blood pressure can be felt from your face!

There are two signs that can be felt on the face, which indicates you may be suffering from hypertension and need to take immediate action to lower blood pressure.

Signs of High Blood Pressure Felt on the Face

Hypertension, better known as high blood pressure, already affects millions of people around the world. Any age can be affected by hypertension, ranging from children to adults.

High blood pressure can be caused by many factors, but the most important factors are diabetes, obesity, and excessive salt consumption. High blood pressure occurs when blood pressure to the arterial wall is too high, which if left unchecked can damage blood vessels and cause dangerous conditions, such as heart disease and stroke.

Well, if you feel you have risk factors or “talent” for hypertension, you should routinely check your blood pressure. You should also change your lifestyle by losing weight, eating healthier foods that are foods low in salt, sugar, and fat, and regular exercise.

You also need to be aware of signs of hypertension or signs of high blood pressure that can be felt. Well, there are two signs of high blood pressure that can be felt on the face that indicate your chances of having hypertension.

The two signs of high blood pressure on the face in question are numbness and the face feels weak. Experiencing numbness or weakness in the face can mean very high blood pressure levels. Numbness refers to the loss of sensation in any part of the body. Numbness in the face is usually a symptom of a condition or the presence of a disorder of the body. One of them is hypertension.

Causes of Facial Numbness

Most of the causes of facial numbness are nerve damage. If you feel there is a numb and weak part of the face, or all over the face surface, don’t take it lightly anymore.

Occasionally, healthy people also experience numbness in some faces. This is a normal condition, for example mis-positioning sleep until the facial nerve is depressed. However, the problem will gradually disappear. But, if this numbness in the face lasts a long time or settles down, then it is necessary to find out why.

One possible cause is high blood pressure which already causes nerve damage. Experts state that a weak or numb face can be an early warning sign of a daily hypertensive crisis.

The hypertensive crisis is when blood pressure rises to very high levels, and can be life-threatening. Any blood pressure above 180/120mmHg can damage blood vessels permanently.

Types of Hypertension

There are two types of hypertension, namely essential hypertension and secondary hypertension. If you are young and experiencing signs of hypertension, it is most likely a type of essential hypertension.

Essential hypertension is hypertension where the cause of high blood pressure rise is unknown. About 95 percent of hypertension cases are of this type.

The second type is secondary hypertension which is known to cause. For example due to kidney disease, tumors, or due to the use of birth control pills as well as pregnancy in women.

Both types of hypertension also depend on each person’s health history and are likely to increase with demographic and lifestyle factors embraced.

Stress can also narrow a person’s blood vessels and can cause a spike in blood pressure, albeit only temporarily. However, over time, stress can trigger unhealthy habits that harm heart health.

Therefore, reducing stress should be a priority if you want to avoid high blood disease.

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