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5 Sports That Are Suitable To Do When You’re Angry, Relieve Emotions Instantly

Anger is a humane emotion. Everyone must have had a bad day that sparked outrage. And when all the negative energy and mental tension really builds up inside, it’s like wanting to do something to vent the energy. Sometimes, all you need is to exercise and sweat. This is a great way to channel anger in a healthy and positive way.

Well, there are several types of exercises that are suitable to do when you are angry because it has the effect of instantaneously relieving anger. What are they?

Suitable Sports When You’re Angry

When you’re angry and emotions are peaking, rather than doing destructive things, it’s better to do sports. It’s a sport that’s best done when you’re angry.

1. Throwing medicine ball

Sometimes, when we’re angry, we want to throw and slam things. You can throw things to vent your anger without damaging things. To do this, visit a local gym and choose a medicine ball for you to throw against the wall or the ground instead.
Ball slamming is a very explosive exercise to release emotions and happens to be good for the core. And once you’ve spent your energy throwing the ball, your emotions will subside and it’s easier to forget the anger.

2. Running

In general, running is a wonderful way to relieve stress, reduce feelings of depression, and even increase overall confidence. However, if at any time you experience an event that provokes anger, turning a leisurely run into an intense sprint can be an exercise to distract and ultimately change the mood.

If you want to level up, you can run uphill or in the hills. In the end, you’ll run out of energy to get angry and even completely forget about anger.

3. Yoga

Anger doesn’t always have to be vented with hard activities and requires a lot of energy, such as challenging high-intensity exercises. Sometimes, all you need is breathing exercises to make yourself calmer.

Well, a gentle and smooth flow of yoga can actually be a wonderful way to use breathing and movement so that negativity and inner tension slowly melt away. Yoga forces your focus on simple movements and long breaths, rather than the frustrating situations you experience. Finally, it will make you let go of what is not beneficial to you and bring your mind and body into a more peaceful and happy state.

4. Boxing

Punching a heavy samsak is one of the best ways to release aggression while burning a lot of calories. What’s more, boxing is a great form of self-defense.

If you are interested in using boxing as a medium to release anger, you should hit samsak in certain intervals, such as hitting all out 30-60 seconds, followed by a break of 30-90 seconds. After that, repeat this step several times or until you feel exhausted. However, make sure the wrist remains straight when touching the samsak.

5. Deadlifting

Deadlifting is one of the best ways to unleash aggression. You’ll feel a different sensation when you take a heavy load and then put it back on. Make sure you use the right techniques when doing deadlifts:

  • Keep your back straight and core muscles tight;
  • Lower the buttocks to a sitting position, then pull the load into a standing position;
  • Tighten the buttock muscles while in a standing position;
  • Lower the weight in the same way you lift it.

Using the right load and repeating the movement in 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps is perfect for building strength as well as muscle.

So, instead of venting anger with negative things, it’s better to be done by doing the above sports. In addition to easing emotions, this sport is certainly also very good for health.

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