Powerful Tips for Finding the Right Travel Insurance Promo

For those of you who travel often, whether for business or pleasure, you should have protection that keeps you from the risk of loss during the trip.

Risk of loss such as loss of luggage, delay in flight until the accident during travel will certainly damage the trip and give a significant loss.

Although not mandatory, but travel insurance acts as a protection, and is important enough for those of you who travel a lot.

There have even been some countries that require foreign tourists to have travel insurance.

In general, the protection provided by travel insurance is:

  • Risk of accidents
  • Risk of accidents in airplanes
  • Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses
  • Repatriation of bodies
  • Baggage protection and personal belongings
  • And more

This protection is given in the form of forfeited money due to risk incurred. In addition, travel insurance is also provided in the form of 24-hour health assistance facilities around the world.

Travel Insurance in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there have been many diverse travel insurance products with different benefits offered. Some of them are:

  • ACA Travel Insurance
  • AXAs Travel Insurance
  • Travel Insurance Zurich
  • AIG Travel Insurance
  • Chubb Travel Insurance
  • Travelin Adira Travel Insurance
  • And more

The travel insurance products offered above are very diverse and different. Here are some types of travel insurance that exist in Indonesia.

Based on number of trips

There are 2 types of travel insurance based on the number of trips that will take place, namely single trip insurance and annual travel insurance.

Single Trip Insurance is an insurance that provides protection for you who do not routinely travel. While annual trip insurance is an insurance for those of you who travel often.

Based on the number of people covered

Based on the number of people borne, travel insurance can be divided into individual travel insurance and group travel insurance.

As the name suggests, the first travel insurance provides protection for one person in one policy.

While the latter provides protection for a number of people in accordance with the provisions of the policy. This insurance is usually used by companies or families.

Based on travel destination

Travel insurance can be divided into travel insurance business or travel insurance.

Each of these travel insurance offers different protections tailored to the purpose of the trip.

Based on travel destinations

Travel insurance can be divided into domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance.

Domestic travel insurance means insurance that only provides protection for you who travel within the city.

On the other hand, international travel insurance means travel insurance provided for you who travel abroad.

Special Travel Insurance

There are also travel insurance that is given specifically for example for students who want to pursue their studies abroad (student assist).

There are also travel insurance offered for people who want to do Hajj and Umrah.

Powerful tips for finding the right travel insurance Promo

Below are a few ways to search for travel insurance deals. This can be done easily and anywhere. It doesn’t hurt to try the ways below.

#1 buy travel insurance from Online buying and selling Platform

The number of online buying and selling platforms in Indonesia can be used to get travel insurance deals. Usually on this platform, digital services are also provided.

The digital services provided are travel insurance.

There are not a few platforms that hold promotions such as premium deductions, direct cashback or additional points if you purchase a travel insurance product through the site.

Don’t be tired of checking out one-on-one buying and searching for travel insurance that is currently working with the site. Remember to buy from a trusted online site.

#2 take advantage of Online insurance agents

There are many online insurance agents offering a variety of travel insurance products. Usually the site gives you the opportunity to directly compare multiple products at once.

This way, you can find out which products have the most suitable promotions and prices. In addition, the site usually also provides information on the types and benefits of insurance.

One way to find a good site is to look for a site that has teamed up with many insurance companies. This shows the site has a pretty good reputation.

#3 Understand insurance products well

An insurance product will come in handy and useful when you understand the product well, as with travel insurance. On travel insurance There are a few things you should look out for before choosing.

Protection time

Travel insurance usually provides protection for a short and certain period of time. Ideally, you should choose your old travel insurance according to your travel time.

Don’t let you pay a premium over your travel period.

Coverage area

You should ensure any risks that travel insurance can protect. There are usually some risks, such as extreme risks, in which an insurance company will set additional premiums.


There are travel insurance that only apply to Asian countries, some of which are only valid on a national scale.

To do so, you must ensure that the travel insurance you purchase is in accordance with your travel destination.

#4 Always compare multiple products

To be able to get the best insurance promo, you have to compare some travel insurance products. One is to use the above means by using online sites.

The second way is to contact a direct travel insurance agent. You can also ask for information more clearly so that you better understand what is the coverage of insurance protection.

Customize travel Insurance with needs

In addition to using the right promo, you must purchase travel insurance that suits your needs.

This way, you can maximize the protection offered by these travel insurances.

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