Actor at TV Series La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) in Season 1 and 2

La Casa De Papel Cover
La Casa De Papel Cover

“Una mattina mi son alzato
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao
Una mattina mi son alzato
E ho trovato l’invasor”

(Manu Pilas – Bella Ciao)

For those who’ve watched Lacasa De Papel (Money Heist) may Udah GA foreign again with this song. Bella Ciao is the most common Italian folk song in the series. This “resistance” song became the anthem for the CPU and friends while carrying out their mission.

Lacasa Depapel or Money Heist is a Spanish serial. In the third place, the series has been acquired by Netflix.

The series follows the efforts of eight thieves who commit a robbery to the Spanish Money printing Agency (Royal Mint of Spain). In the robbery, thieves held officers and visitors and locked themselves into the Royal Mint of Spain. The story of this assault is not a regular criminal case, since the thief’s plot has planned the action in such detail and brilliant, thus making the police so difficult to overcome it.

The greatness of planning owned by the thief’s plot is the idea of a man who calls himself professor (El professor)

Álvaro Morte as El Profesor

Alvaro Morte’s Professor was the main key to the robbery Act. The Professor controls the whole robbery from behind the scenes.

Sergio, the original name of Professor. It is a very clever man and for years has ambitions to do Bank robbery. Professor then recruited several people to get into his team. This Professor is very make sure if the people recruited by him can obey the rules he has designed in such a way either in the preparation process or during the execution of the robbery.

Professor is a very perfectionist person, this is seen from the way of decision making, always thought with care and caution and also every plan he made always has a back-up plan for all scenarios that can happen when the robbery action is done. Hence professor always mewanti-wanti his team members to always ‘ stick-to-the-plan ‘ in all situations.

One of the things that makes Money Heist this fun is, tactics between police and team professor when the robbery action is done. In this case the police opponents are not easy. Professors have mastered the tactics of negotiating, even understanding human psychologically, most plans are derived from predictions of the police’s reactions from each act.

The most common Scene in Money Heist is the Professor’s negotiation dialogue with the head of the police team that handles the robbery case Raquel Murillo. To find out the strategy that Raquel will do in dealing with the case, the Professor seeks to approach Raquel using the pseudonym Salva.

Itziar Ituño as Raquel Murillo

Actually Raquel, is in the process of divorce with her husband Alberto. Because of the act of domestic VIOLENCE committed by her husband. Raquel is struggling to get custody over her mere daughter. At the same time he was required to settle a robbery case by the professor’s team.

At the moment Raquel’s life was filled with problems, with Professor’s reflection of the matter approaching Raquel. The main objective is to work on the police plan to deal with the robbery. But Professor and Raquel were getting closer, and making the Professor’s original identity was threatened.

Professor and Raquel
Professor and Raquel

Meanwhile, in the Royal Mint of Spain, there are eight professors who are working according to the planning made by Professor. Many well, but don’t worry, everyone in the professor’s team has different characters making the audience easy to recognize and like them. So sometimes this Money Heist makes us forget if they do criminal action, I believe that the watch must be very gregetan and on the support plan robbery they succeed.

How to rob them is fairly unique. They do not take the money available in the Royal Mint of Spain, but rather by printing their own money. The money was scored 2.4 billion euros, where 1 Euro reply was taken as many as 17,000

The main reason the Professor chooses the way is because according to the data he can, hundreds of billions of money given from the Royal Mint to the banks to do “liquidity injections” or the Liquididian injection aimed at economic stability has never been properly spread. So Professor make the printing of their own money will then do the injection on the economic sectors directly (ALA-ala Robin Hood so yaa). So Professor assumed that his actions were not entirely wrong.

Well, while the members of his team of professors include:

Pedro Alonso as Berlín

Berlin was the leader of the robbers during the field action, so seven other Berlin counterparts had to submit to his commander. Because Professor had trusted Berlin to lead the team while in the Royal Mint of Spain. In fact the main reason for Berlin, because of Berlin’s mother had relationships with other men, the man was Professor’s biological father. So they are both half-brothers. Berlin also secretly keeps secrets if he has a Helmers Myopathy disease, a type of syndrome weakening in the muscles.

Despite having blood relations with the professor, but Berlin was trusted for his ability and experience in leading theft and robbery.

Berlin is an arrogant person, narcissistic and sometimes seen his psychotic soul. He had no empathy for even having his teammates Denver kill a wayward hostage, when the hostages were pregnant. Berlin is also most fond of chatting with the hostages, Doi said, she likes to make good impression to people who just knew him.

However, Berlin is one of the audience’s favorite characters, as he is willing to do anything to save his team.

Úrsula Corberó as Tokio

Tokio is a character in the series ‘ narrative. In the beginning of the season, Tokio was fleeing from police chase after a robbery. He then met with the Professor who invited him to join the team. Tokio’s people are rash and his emotions like explosiveness, usually always act before Mikir, Cepet take a decision, and the impatience. But later he always is as his own actions. Anyway he is a member of the most current team Deh.

But this Tokio person is very attentive especially the same person he loves. In this series, Tokio engages in Cinlok with Rio, his teammate but has been banned by Professor. In addition, he also Tokio was very close to Nairobi, because only the two women were in his team Professor.

Alba Flores as Nairobi

Nairobi is very proficient in money counterfeiting, as small as he has been in the criminal world especially in the field of counterfeiting because of his poor family condition. When Nairobi’s teenager is pregnant, her boyfriend will not be responsible and leave her. Nairobi then rearing her own son, a man she named Axel. But because of a thing Nairobi parted with her son and recruited into the Professor’s team. The Professor entrusted Nairobi to handle the process of printing money during their stay at the Royal Mint of Spain.

Nairobi is an active private and always motivates teammates and also hostages who assist in completing their assignments. He can lead the process of printing money well with quality work.

Paco Tous as Mosco

Mosco left his wife because of a drug addiction that his wife had, so he took her and Denver to go with him, though Mosco actually regretted it. Before becoming a robber, Mosco was once a miner, so he had the skill to do the excavation where the Professor needed to open a way out for his team when printing money at the Royal Mint of Spain was done.

In addition, Mosco also agrees to work with the Professor to repay his child’s Denver debts, which work to a drug dealer, in which when delivering his order, Denver removes 800 pills of his wares so he must redeem it to his boss.

In addition, Mosco was a very caring person and a father figure for his team members, not only on his son Denver but also on Tokio and Rio.

Jaime Lorente as Denver

Denver was the son of Moscow, he co-planned this robbery because of his father’s invitation. Denver has no special skills mentioned only that he is clever fighting. Denver is a man who is not an assert, when he ruled Berlin to assassinate Monica Gaztamide, one of the hostages, he could then attempt to conceal the hostages from Berlin.

Miguel Herrán as Rio

Rio is the youngest member who is an expert hacker. Before the Professor’s recruits, Rio was involved in several cyber-attack cases. Rio has deep web knowledge that can help Professor to purchase weapons. But among the other team members, Rio was most engased in using weapons, so he was given the task of watching Alison Parker during his stay at the Royal Mint Of Spain, a hostage given preferential treatment.

During a training period by Professor in the Toledo Estate, Rio Cinlok with teammate Tokio who is older than himself

Darko Perić as Helsinki and Roberto Garcia as Oslo

Helsinki and his brother Oslo came from Serbia. They were both a war-man and now a robber. Unlike Oslo, Helsinki more passive spoke Spanish so that more dialogue was involved with other team members. While Oslo was more in silence.

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