Netflix documentation Series, “Pandemic” dealing with the harsh struggles of medical personnel fighting viruses

Poster Pandemic
Poster Pandemic

Netflix’s latest documentation titled Pandemic has been the right release when a scary new virus spreads in real life at the moment.

While coronavirus dominated the headlines, Netflix’s docu-series consisting of six sections describes how ready (or not) the world faced a new pandemic.

How to prevent an outbreak begins with a theory: that we will be infected with a deadly, fast-moving virus. 100 years ago, the influenza virus killed 50 to 100 million people, when the global population was two billion in total.

There are now nearly eight billion people in the world. Medical expert, Dr. Dennis Carroll, USAID director, said: “When we talk about flu pandemic, it’s not a problem” if, “but” when. “”

At this time, the number of coronavirus deaths amounted to nearly 9000 people. This Virus has spread to as many as 28 countries, and the global number of confirmed cases is approximately 221.891 cases.

Not only the loss of life, pandemic has caused widespread disruption to financial markets, workplace, flight patterns and food production.

Through Pandemic, viewers will be made aware of the risks of mysterious, fast-moving viruses. But don’t let the fear factor make you reluctant to watch these Doku-series. Pandemic is also informative, inspirational, and visually stunning.

Produced by Zero Point Zero Productions, the creator behind the Doku-series Anthony Bourdain, the film introduces audiences of characters with constantly evolving stories.

His heroes were scientists, doctors, and disaster experts. The Film highlights Dr. Syra Madad When he attempts to create a hospital system in New York City and is ready to face a deadly pandemic, although there are budget cuts. Then the film also follows Jake Glanville and Sarah Ives, two scientists who are trying to make a global one-shot flu vaccine that they can provide for free to people in developing countries. Then the film moved to Jaipur and visited the crowded hospital ward with Dr. Dinesh Vijay, and headed for the Vietnam poultry market with Dennis Carr

If the word is villain, then it is not only the virus itself, but also the wrong information that often spreads together with the pandemic.

Experts warn the world of ‘ very unprepared ‘ for future pandemic

Using a similar technique to Contagion, the plot evolved to highlight the situsions and crises around the world – from ICE holding camps on the U.S. border to regional hospitals that lacked funding in Oklahoma, to protests by anti-vaxxers in Oregon, to the struggle in the Congo to accommodate the Ebola virus.

The devotion of the medical personnel working in the battlefield against the virus deserves attention.

Many of the medical officers died and were killed when fighting the Ebola virus in Africa. In other parts of the world, Indian doctors struggle in crowded hospitals facing 1,000 poor patients a day are exposed to symptoms of serious swine flu.

There are also volunteers who deliver flu injections at the border, doctors who work too hard and rarely meet their own children, ambitious scientists who are looking for a vaccine while working outside of working hours – all of which suggests that those working in a robust system with decent funds, backed by the cooperation of Governments and citizens can make significant progress.

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