Review La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) Season 3 : Rescue Mission Under the Guise of Gold Robbery

Spain National Bank robbery team
Spain National Bank robbery team

Part 3 contains 8 episodes that aired on July 2019. Part 3 took the setting three years after the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain, where the robbers enjoyed the results and lived separately in a far-off location.

But the tranquility did not last long, as Rio’s whereabouts could be tracked by Europol via the phone call he did. In order to save Rio, Professor decided to run the Berlin old robbery plan to attack Bank of Spain to force Europol to surrender Rio and stop the torture that Rio suffered during his arrest by Europol.

For his new mission, Professor has a team of newly-named Lisbon, Stockholm, Bogota, Palermo and Marseille. Some of the previous members were Berlin, Moscow and Oslo who did not take part in the second mission.

Itziar Ituño as Lisbon

In ending Season 2, Raquel chooses to be with Professor as they fall in love with each other. 3 Raquel has helped the Professor team by using Lisbon’s code name.

Esther Acebo as Stockholm

In the previous season, Monica was pregnant with the results of her affair with Arturo. But Arturo does not want to be responsible because he has his own family. Gara-Gara Arturo told Monica to take her mobile holding in the workspace Arturo to contact the police, Monica was caught by Berlin. Berlin then told Denver to kill Monica. Denver’s baseball stand just shot Monica on the foot. Denver then hides Monica while treating her to heal.

Both fall in love with each other. After the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain, Monica married Denver, and raised her child in her womb named Cincinnati. When Professor gave them another mission, Monica decided to join the Code Name Stockholm. Probably the name Stockholm was taken from Stockholm Syndrome, where a syndrom hostage that favored his captors.

Rodrigo De la Serna as Palermo

Palermo was Berlin’s best friend. They both had long planned a robbery to the National Bank of Spain, which became the new mission of the Professor’s team in Season 3. Therefore, Professor also entrusted the command of the field to Palermo for this mission, in place of the Berlin that would normally be in that position.

Hovik Keuchkerian as Bogotá

Bogota is also a friend of Palermo and Berlin. In Season 3 it participated in a robbery at the National Bank of Spain.

Luka Peroš as Marseille

Marseille is not too much seen in season 3, but it is an important character in season 4. Marseille never entered the National Bank of Spain, but he helped his colleagues and professors from outside. Marseille was a hitman.

Colonel Luis Tamayo
Colonel Luis Tamayo

In season three, there is a lot of flashbacks on the process of making planning the National Bank of Spain robbery between Berlin and the Professor. In the present day the Professor’s team can secretly enter the National Bank of Spain, hostage the guests and employees there and try to open the askes to the gold reserves and confidential documents of the country. While Professor and Lisbon rode the RV and then the ambulance gave command and negotiate with the police.

In this Season the police appear more fierce and learn much from their previous mistakes. This time under the leadership of Colonel Luis Tamayo and Inspector Alicia Sierra.

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