Review of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) Season 1 and Season 2: Most Spectacular Bank Robbery

Spanish bank robbery Team
Spanish bank robbery Team

Part 1 consisted of 13 episodes and aired in December 2017. The main Plot of Part 1 tells the eight robbers who hijacking and locks themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain. In order to rescue the hostages who were imprisoned by the robbers, the Spanish police drove all the tactics and ways to fight against the robbers who turned out to have a very brilliant plan that would make the police hit by fog.

Season 1

Part 1 begins with a meeting of Tokio and Professor, Tokio who fails to commit a robbery in a Bank and is being pursued by the police, rescued by the Professor on the condition of Tokyo willing to work for him for a major robbery that is being planned by Professor. This Money Heist has a back forth groove, telling the present day when the robbery was done and in the past when Professor recruited his team and conducted 5 months of training to them at Toledo Estate. During the course of the Professor’s training emphasized that members of his team were banned from exchanging information about their respective identities and during the robbery was required no casualties either from the police or hostage.

All members of the Professor team have their own code-name, which is derived from the names of cities in the world: Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki and Oslo.

In the period of robbery, there are certainly fun stories between robbers and his men. There are some hostages who hold important roles in this Money Heist Part 1 story.

María Pedraza as Alison Parker

Alison Parker, is one of the most important hostages who made no blood fighting the Professor’s team with the police (of course, this has accounted for the same Professor, because the robbery was done in the day of Alison’s school to visit the Royal Mint of Spain). Alison is the son of the British ambassador to Spain. His safety was the price of dead for the police, thus becoming a hindrance to direct the invasion of the Royal Mint of Spain. It is certainly used for the Professor team to give them extra time to complete their money printing process.

Enrique Arce as Arturo Román

Arturo is a director of the Royal Mint of Spain. As a leader of course, this om wants to appear as a hero for its employees. But unfortunately Arturo is actually a cowardly and super annoying guy. But salute to this figure because it makes the audience super Gregetan with its quirking and success so the most Ngeselin figure.

Esther Acebo as Mónica Gaztambide

Monica Gaztambide, a secretary of Arturo Roman, when the robbery happened in a young pregnant state. Due to a mistake Berlin told Denver to shoot Monica’s death.

Season 2

Robbery Group entering the bank
Robbery Group entering the bank

Part 2 of this Money Heist continues the story from its first season. I think this second season has been increasingly tense and exciting story because it is approaching the end. Part 2 aired on April 2018. Part 2 begins with the introduction of police authorities after successfully capturing one of the members of the Professor’s team. And some team members began to oppose the commandos of Berlin.

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