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How Many Times Do We Breathe in a Day? Find Out The Unique Facts of The Body Organ!

Has the Healthy Gang calculated how many times we breathe each day, how many times the heart squeaks in an hour? Our bodies were created as very clever machines by God. However, did the Healthy Gang have time to think about how our bodies work?

In order to stay alive and function perfectly, the body performs many internal processes that work every second without stopping. All organs work together and are intertwined without any fault.

Our skin renews itself to heal scratches. Our tongue has the ability to distinguish flavors so that we enjoy food. Our eyes can distinguish a variety of colors and shapes.

All of them have their own functions and are very important. Well, in order for the Healthy Gang to know more about the unique facts about our organs, read the explanation below, yes!

Unique Facts About Body Organs

Humans have several vital organs, such as the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and brain. In addition, the eyes also include important organs of the body.

1. Heart Beating 100,000 Times Per Day

The human heart serves to pump blood throughout the body. One interesting fact about the heart is that, in one day, this organ beats about 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout the body.

2. Kidney Filtering 1,500 liters Per Day

The function of the kidneys is to remove fluids and residual substances from the blood. The kidneys remove urea from the blood and mix it with water and other compounds so that it eventually forms urine. A unique fact about the kidneys is, in a day this organ filters out 1,500 liters of blood, and cleanses the blood about 300 times.

3. Lungs Breathe 23,000 Times Per Day

The lungs function to put oxygen into the blood. Later, oxygen will be delivered to every cell in the body. In a day, the average lung breathes 23,000 times. As it turns out, we take a lot of breath, yes. Therefore, we need to make sure the air we breathe is clean.

4. Liver Consists of 96% Fluid

The liver has many functions, such as destroying harmful chemicals, digesting the drugs we consume, and others. As it turns out, the liver consists of 96% liquid. Almost all the drugs we consume are also digested in the liver.

Facts about Other Organs

There are still many interesting facts about the organs that you need to know. Here are some of them:

1. You Have More Bones at Birth

The adult has 206 bones in his body. However, at birth we have 300 bones. Some of these bones merge together as we grow.

2. The Strongest Muscles Are in the Jaw

Perhaps you did not expect that the strongest muscle in the body is the jaw muscle. Yes, the strongest muscle is not the arm muscle, but the jaw muscle.

3. The Smallest Bone In the Ear

In fact, the smallest bone in the body is inside the ear. These bones may be very small, but without them, you wouldn’t be able to hear.

4. Stomach Can Not Only Digest Food

Acid in the stomach is very strong can even digest and destroy iron. The stomach wall can also cope with things that are harder than food.

5. Little Finger Is Very Strong

As it turns out, without a little finger, you could lose 50% of the strength of your hand. Well, it turns out the little finger is very strong, yes. I’M NOT GOING to say that.

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